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THE MEDILOGIC GROUP  was established in 1999 and for over eighteen years has been providing the medical device community with high quality products. The Medilogic Group is headquartered in Hawthorne,  New Jersey, in a newly-established, state-of-the-art facility, where we manufacture to our customers’ specifications.  The Medilogic Group utilizes the latest CNC technology advancements in our manufacturing process.


In-House Manufacturing Engineering

The Medilogic Group will work closely with you to take your concepts and ideas and develop them into working designs. This also includes identifying and recommending the most optimum ways to manufacture and assemble your products.

Prototype and Short-Run Production

The Medilogic Group is capable of handling all of your prototyping needs. We also excel in short run and small batch production. We have proven results and can accommodate your needs whatever they may be.

Custom Designs

The Medilogic Group prides itself in working with our clients who want state-of-the-art, custom designs.  Whether for a special and unique surgical instrument or a medical product resulting from a research and development project, we can fulfill your specialized design and manufacturing needs.

Product Modifications

Have an existing product that needs modification for a new or different application?  Let us work with your engineers to modify the product to meet your new application.  We have the experience and knowledge to help your company meet the required modifications to your instruments in a timely manner.

In-House heat treating

The Medilogic Group offers in-house heat treating of common surgical stainless steel, such as 17-4 PH, 455C, and 465.

Experienced with State-of-the-art medical materials

The Medilogic Group can manufacture a wide range of medical materials.  We have extensive experience with various medical grade metals, such as: titanium, stainless steel and medical grade aluminum.  In addition, we work with all of the major medical grade polymers, including: PEEK, UHMWPE, RADEL, and DELRIN. Not sure what material to utilize for your project?  Let us help you identify the best material for the project based on the end user’s application, cost, machinability and assembly.

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Why use the Medilogic Group:

As a result of machining, engineering, medical device knowledge and manufacturing experience, we provide:

Turnkey solutions at a single location.

Provide up-front value added design capability

Committed to your company’s success

Short turnaround times

We address your unique prototype to production needs

We have a global approach that allows us to service clients from around the world.

Our Founder: Frank Occidentale

Frank has worked in a variety of manufacturing industries, including orthopedic manufacturers, such as the Stryker Corporation and cardiovascular manufacturers like Boston Scientific.

Wanting to utilize his varied experience and believing the need to merge prototype manufacturing with early research and development designs,  Frank started the Medilogic Group.  This allowed what has traditionally been a two stage process into the development of a single seamless, integrated process.  This has resulted in Frank being able to provide excellent and specialized design, engineering and manufacturing services to the medical device community.   As owner, Frank continues to grow and expand the Medilogic Group  by successfully serving a multitude of clients.

Our People

The Medilogic Group employs the best talent in the medical and machining industries.  All of our employees understand that through the application of their talents and capabilities they are helping to improve patients’ lives and well-being.  It is because of their combined commitment as a team, the Medilogic Group is able to deliver our products and services on schedule with the highest quality and reliability.

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